Relief & Rescue Support

The geographical location, land characteristics, multiplicity of rivers and the monsoon climate render Bangladesh highly vulnerable to natural hazards as it has a tropical monsoon climate characterized by wide seasonal variations in rainfall, high temperatures and high humidity. This country has a long history of natural disasters. Only between 1980 and 2008, Bangladesh experienced 219 natural disasters. Besides these, Bangladesh suffers from floods, cyclones, storm surge, river bank erosion, earthquake, drought, salinity intrusion especially in the Southern part, fire and tsunami and so on. Cyclones and floods particularly caused massive damages almost every year in the country. However, realizing the fact about the effects of these natural as well as the other casual disasters on the country’s general citizens, EAD Foundation has come forward with a view to providing Relief & Rescue Support during the times of those disastrous events.  

By our relief we refer to the provision of essential, appropriate and timely humanitarian assistance to those affected by a disaster like cyclones, flood, earthquake and so forth based on an initial rapid necessity and designed to contribute effectively and speedily to their early recovery. It consists of the delivery of a specific quantity and quality of goods to a quantified group of beneficiaries, according to selection criteria that identify actual needs and the groups that are least able to provide them for themselves.