Sustainable Livelihoods

Basically, "Sustainability" refers to the one’s ability to undergo external shocks or stresses and recover from such traumas through maintaining or improving his/ her livelihood. However, the sustainable livelihoods project of EAD Foundation basically focuses on the understanding of the livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable people especially those living in the rural areas. EAD Foundation has taken some approaches on the holistic poverty alleviation actions as well as upgrading the very common standards of their living through focusing on the dynamic, human-centered programs. Based on the factors that constrain or enhance livelihood opportunities and how they relate, EAD Foundation also plans the development activities and assess the contribution that are required for sustaining the livelihoods.

EAD Foundation has taken following steps for implementing the sustainable livelihoods:

  • Identifying the common drawbacks
  • Make the victims aware of the factors
  • Cooperate to achieve a good economic status
  • Training about how to sustain the living standards