Manpower Development

Bangladesh is highly populated country. Here development of human resources is crucial for any segment of the society. EAD Foundation includes opportunities as skill development training, career development, coaching, succession planning, mentoring, key resource identification, tuition assistance and organizational development. According to the UNDP report in 2010 on Human Development Index (HDI), Bangladesh’s HDI rose by 2.0% annually from 0.259 to 0.469 which gives the country a rank of 129 out of 169 numbers of countries. If some effective programs can be taken for the development of human resource, a better quality of life of the people is possible and thus the economy of the country may experience the real development. However, the key approaches that EAD Foundation has taken on this are as follow:

  • Skill Development for Different professions irrespective of genders & age
  • Employment Guideline to different community people
  • Self-dependence education/motivation/training
  • Enterprise-related training on livestock, agriculture or non-farm activities as preferred by participants