Save Women, Save Future Generation

EAD Foundation believes that in any society of the world women are a very important part of the population who need a special care on their issues for building up a truly effective generation for future development of the societies. The future generation is mostly and closely dependent on the women since the very beginning of their lives. But this community is not safe rather than go through various drawbacks on many issues especially in our south Asian regions. So, EAD Foundation, realizing the fact, has come forward to mitigate those problematic issues as mostly as possible. To some context, these are seemingly ambitious goals but surely achievable. All the individuals, government as well as other organizational entities should come forward to build up a completely safe pathway for the women through a shared responsibility by all means. EAD Foundation support the women community of the society with a direct response and an innovative as well as inclusive platform for collective, cohesive and focused actions on any issues necessary for ensuring the necessary safety provisions of the women.