Medication for All

Bangladesh as well as the entire South Asian region is diverse in geographical, linguistic and cultural characteristics but has common health challenges most probably because of poverty and staggering health infrastructure existing here. This region harbours almost one-quarter of the world’s total population but bears some unconsciousness and even deprivation of the access to proper health and medication issues among the people. In rural areas often there are often no facilities available for basic health information and services, poor communities sugo through an adverse health condition due to the lack of knowledge of hygienic practices & products as well as certified doctors in these remote locations. With an aim to provide healthcare and humanitarian support to the poor and ultra-poor patients, EAD Foundation has taken some steps to combat this adverse situation.

  • Free medication for general diseases each month
  • Medicines for the general diseases
  • Facility to lab tests of some health issues
  • Some Health Awareness build up & Monitoring
  • To raise fund for critical diseases’ treatment
  • To launch & conduct different health consciousness campaign