About Us

EADF is a non-profit organization that has been working as a full-frame humanitarian and social development organization. EADF was founded in 2018 with the intent to meet the basic and emergency needs of society. Few after the emergence, different development works were added to the objectives of EADF.

However, EADF is presently working in Bangladesh to mitigate extreme poverty, raise social consciousness, eradicate illiteracy and different types of marginalization, etc. EADF has also been working on balanced workforce development for the country by providing different vocational training as well as for relief during a disaster, malnutrition with healthy and conscious livelihood, gender equality and women's empowerment, reduction of violence against women, anti-drug movement, Adult Education, the safety of agriculture and natural resources, climate change adaptation as well as environmental protection and so on. To sum up, the slogan of EXPERT Asian Development Foundation (EADF) better represents its motto ‘’Enlightenment for the Society”. So, it is obvious that EADF is born to enlighten society and eradicate the darkness. However, EADF is registered with the Registrar of the Joint Stock Companies of Bangladesh Govt.