Participating Significant Social Concerns

EAD Foundation is fully a development foundation working for the vulnerable communities of the society and development as well in a completely humanitarian approach. However, what we do are as follows:

  • Anti-drug Awareness Programs
  • Coaching & Monitoring of the Unemployed Communities for self-employment
  • Organizing & Conducting Sports & Cultural Events
  • Voluntary Support Team at various social concerns
  • Medical, Legal & Psychological Support for Sexual Harassment affected women/people
  • Preparedness-Training for any Possible Disaster (Flood, Earthquake, Storm etc.)
  • Safe Food Handling Lessons (Picking, cutting, cooking, waste handle)
  • Initiate Income Generation (give cows, goats, sewing machines, rickshaw, van, small shops/stalls etc.)
  • Anti-dowry concerns and preparing for self-dependence